positive energy-filled abstract art

These energetic abstract paintings have been exhibited over 190 times in museums and other prestigious venues in more than 20 countries around the world, including the Sydney Opera House and the Louvre in Paris. These high quality painting reproductions become the centrepiece of society in any space with their mystical appearance.

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Fountain Art - Jharna kala

Through the third eye of an enlightened master, he can easily see into other worlds. These special abstract works were created by Sri Chinmoy in a highly meditative state of consciousness, which makes them energetic works of art. The Bengali word Jharna Kala, which means source art, refers to the depiction of inner visions arising from a meditative flow.


around the world

He has exhibited and dazzled audiences in over 190 solo exhibitions in more than 20 countries around the world, in museums and in prestigious venues such as the Sydney Opera House and the Louvre in Paris.

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soul of the painting

the artwork speaks to you

These extraordinary abstract works of art come to life. If we feel joy, an inner joy, when we look at a Jharna-Kala, we can be sure that there is a connection between the image and our soul. When an enlightened master creates in a high meditative state of consciousness, he is working with mystical powers. These unparalleled works of art carry and exude this mystical power, giving them the ability to shape the consciousness of their surroundings through their positive vibrations.


Beyond the abstract art's

The artist Sri Chinmoy was a true enlightened master who dedicated his life to the dream of world peace. Endowed with special mystical powers, he dedicated his paintings to the service of peace, to infuse the viewer and the space with positive energy. His abstract art and figurative works travelled the world, but his art was not limited to painting.

fine art material

art gallery at home

Jharna kala reproductions carry the energy of the originals, so select the finest materials for printing to transform your home into an art gallery, both in its elegant appearance and in its detail. From 100% cotton paper to museum-quality fine paper, we support the re-creation of stunning works of art with special materials.



Proceeds from sales will be used to support Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of peace. Sri Chimoy Foundation's funds are used to support free lifestyle lectures, free meditation courses, free peace concerts, free art exhibitions, hospital, school and nursery donation programmes, among others.



Our abstract art prints are made with high quality water-based inks that are 100% safe. These inks are toxin-free and vegan-friendly, meeting the highest industry standards. The woods and paper used are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and we minimise the use of plastics and favour recycled forms. Our globally available products are produced locally wherever possible through an international network of printing facilities, in an effort to minimise the carbon emissions associated with the fibre production of our products.



We work with Giclée's fine art printing specialists, who have been commissioned by the most prestigious brands and a dozen museums to produce museum-quality fine art prints. Our Jharna kala images are individually profiled based on the print media on state-of-the-art printers, ensuring fantastically accurate and consistent reproduction. The majority of our materials are fine art papers, which elevate our reproductions to the highest level of quality to transform your environment into a true art gallery.

original design

Mystical design born from vision

Our Jharna Kala works are not mere reproductions of paintings, but living energies on canvas. These works on paper, cast in a meditative state, carry a special consciousness that transforms the vibrations of their environment. These abstract works of art, connected from soul to soul, touch the inner being of the viewer and imbue them with positive qualities, thanks to their mystical quality. Whatever the placement, they enliven the space and become the focal point of a conversational group.

spirit in the interior

inspiration that surrounds you

Every Jharna Kala conveys a message, and that message delights and inspires us at every moment. Sri Chinmoy's paintings have touched millions of people around the world with their message of peace and individual self-realization, making such a unique inspirational abstract artwork a true jewel of positive energy in our environment.

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Inspire yourself and others

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