We believe that there is much more in each of us than we are currently experiencing. We work in a variety of fields to inspire and plant the seeds of realisation that our potential is limitless. We work to help people recognise the need for self-improvement by tapping into their inner inspiration to outperform themselves and, in turn, create a more peaceful and better world.

Sri Chinmoy Fundation

in the service of peace

The Sri Chinmoy Foundation offers the legacy of Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher and peace ambassador whose philosophy has touched the hearts of millions around the world. His spiritual journey is about embracing life and transforming it with a dynamic heart that the world can and will change through positive human change. The Foundation's work is manifested in its broad support for this peaceful and dynamic personal development.

Discover the Sri Chinmoy's legacy

all day self-growing Festivals

all day for the soul

The popular Soul Day Festival has been running for almost 10 years now, usually offering over a thousand seekers from all over the world a full day of Sri Chinmoy's spirituality and modern yoga path through many aspects. This special programme, interspersed with performances, visual arts, music concerts and vegetarian delicacies, offers a taste of a small part of a heart-filled world.

Bracelets from the all-day Soul Day festival are pictured. DOWP's Soul Day Festival is an opportunity for everyone to learn about self-development and to learn about Sri Chinmoy's work and feel his own imbibing guide in his soul.
World-renowned peace ambassador and peace philosopher Sri Chinmoy sits at a large open-top piano and prays during a peace concert.

Peace concerts

Melodies of the peaceful heart

Music is the universal language of the heart, which creates a special unity between the artist and the listener without language barriers. During his lifetime, Sri Chinmoy gave over half a thousand free peace concerts around the world, a tradition that has continued ever since, performing his music. The soul-stirring melodies he composed lead listeners to the heart through a special meditative experience and provide music lovers with an unparalleled adventure. These special instrumental concerts typically bring an audience of half a thousand people on a journey through the melody of the heart.

meditation courses

meditation in practice

Meditation is our conscious growth into the infinite. When we meditate, we enter the empty, still and silent mind and let ourselves become the Infinite.Meditation is like diving to the bottom of the sea, where everything is still and calm. There may be waves crashing on the surface, but the depths of the sea are untouched. In the deepest depths of the sea, there is complete silence. We are trying to bring this state of being closer, step by step, to those who are interested.

This is a graphical representation of the Inner Pilot program, created as part of the DOWP project, which shows the messy workings of reason and the completeness of the tamed directed reason. Illustrating how conscious self-improvement brings peace to the mind.
You can see a professional studio microphone used for audio recordings of self-improvement presentations.

lifestyle lectures

how to be happy

Our lives are full of experiences and challenges. Regardless of what we do or where we live, our problems are often very similar. In many cases we do not see the root of our problems clearly, nor the solutions. These engaging lifestyle lectures help us to understand and apply in a practical way spiritual teachings that are sometimes difficult to understand, through multiple perspectives and situations.

Sri Chinmoy inner school

modern Yoga Path in the heart of the west

The Sri Chinmoy Inner School is a tight-knit spiritual community that aims to bring together individuals who wish to live a deep spiritual life as an integral part of Western society. The members of the Inner School are intrinsically motivated by a determination that their spiritual development is of paramount importance and that this development has become an inevitable necessity for them, which they wish to pursue within the dynamics of the Western world. This school is a modern-day yoga school of Sri Chinmoy's dynamic spiritual yoga that offers one of the fastest methods on the path to self-realisation.

On the balcony of a high-rise building in downtown New York City, a lady is seen meditating in a toboggan. She is apparently not distracted by the hustle and bustle of the city because she is in contemplation thanks to the DOWP inner Pilor program.
A group photo of the organizing team and some of the enthusiastic runners at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Run in Rome. In the background you can see the Roman Colosseum where a ceremonial programme was held in honour of the Peace Run.

Peace runs

healthy body and soul

The Sri Chinmoy Peace Run is a global initiative to create a more peaceful world. Peace run runners carry a flaming torch and pass it from hand to hand as a symbol of peace. The motto of the Peace Run is: "Peace begins with me" - proclaiming that everyone can contribute in their own individual way to a better world. As part of this global programme, a series of events will provide opportunities to take a step for peace through movement.


art exhibitions

Jharna Kala exhibitions

Sri Chinmoy's paintings and artworks comprise a unique collection of works created in a highly meditative state of consciousness. These extraordinary abstract works have been exhibited in mausoleums and exhibitions in over twenty countries around the world, including prestigious venues such as the Louvre in Paris, the United Nations in New York and Harvard University. These works, which radiate positive energy, have become a favourite among art lovers and are on display in local temporary exhibitions.

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A celebratory Jharna Kala art exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's paintings was held at the United Nations Association building in Geneva, where several officials attended to pay tribute to Sri Chinmoy's work and art.
The picture shows Sri Chinmoy Jharna Kala's painting on the wall of a hospital after a charitable donation. The wonderful fantasy piece, called "Harmony", is placed on the wall with great joy by a doctor and his assistant. The Chinmoy Collection has several art donation programmes to promote art and through it the importance of intrinsic values.

donation programs

art for peace

The Sri Chinmoy Foundation runs an image donation programme for a number of public institutions, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. As part of the programme, a selected series of high quality reproductions of these works, which radiate a special positive energy that has travelled the world, will be compiled. Based on feedback from the deservedly popular institutions participating in the picture donation programme, the exhibition of the works will contribute to the creation of peaceful everyday life in the community and their environment.

Paintings donation proposal

Inner pilot program

Peace begins in everyday life

Mindfullness/Self-improvement is part of the research of many institutions and companies, and is used effectively to create a productive and peaceful daily life for the community. The Inner Pilot Program provides support for the practical application and promotion of this scientifically proven, effective programme. Whether it is the establishment of a routine that permeates everyday life, an occasional programme or an institution-wide programme.

Discover the Inner pilot programme
Pictured is the book of the DOWP project's Inner Pilot programme. The book is called The 7 Steps to Self-Development and offers a comprehensive self-development programme for anyone who wants to make their life more balanced and peaceful through simple exercises that support self-discovery.