The DOWP-Impossibility Challenger Award was founded to recognize and honor individuals who, through their own achievements, encourage others to strive beyond their own limits.  They show to humanity that the impossible does not exist and our potential is boundless in this way. Overcoming our own personal limitations  is both a symbolic and actual step toward world peace.

Peace begins with You

Peace is coming

Global peace is hindered by personal limitations. If we can transcend our natural constraints and transform the nature of ourselves, giving leadership to our inner pilot, the walls between us will fall away, and our family's long-awaited unity will be realized.

World Peace Manifestation Project

DOWP | Door Openers for World Peace

The DOWP project aims to make the teachings of Sri Chinmoy accessible to a wider audience, utilizing modern methods and language to connect with individuals from all walks of life. By incorporating these timeless principles into everyday life, the project seeks to empower individuals to not only find inner peace but also contribute towards creating a more harmonious and peaceful world for all. 


The DOWP Award

The DOWP - Impossibility Challenger Award serves as an powerful reminder that achieving world peace would require not just collective action but also individual development and change. The Award inspires others to push above their own boundaries and contribute to a more peaceful and welcoming global community by honoring people who have demonstrated a tireless pursuit of the impossible to achieve. By starting with our personal change, we can work together to create a future where peace is not only an ideal but an actual possibility for everyone.

Discover Sri Chinmoy legacy

artisan handcraft

born from Crystal Glass

A clay replica of a rare bronze statue called Compassion, depicting Sri Chinmoy, is shown. The sculpture is on a studio table with pieces of material and sculpting props around it. In the background, the windows of the sculptor's studio are slightly blurred. The picture gives a very strong artistic impression.

Award with artisan heart

Work of Art

Sri Chinmoy, a visionary of world peace who devoted his life to the cause, is shown realistically in the award's exclusive-looking crystal glass sculpture manufactured by Chinmoy Collection Statue & Art. This one-of-a-kind crystal creation is the outcome of an international artistic partnership between designers and diligent craftspeople under the supervision of the Chinmoy Collection.

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