A Global initiative, involving over 7 million people | Peace Run

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run truly is a one-of-a-kind worldwide unity-building program that has been promoting the message of hope and peace for over 36 years.

This unique, non-competitive event aims not only to cultivate peace and harmony among individuals, communities, and nations, but also to strengthen humanity's link with the environment.

“Do not stop dreaming! One day your world-peace-dream Will inundate the entire world.” -Sri Chinmoy

Many people have engaged in and continue to participate in the global program, ranging from kindergarten students to celebrities and professional Olympians.  Sri Chinmoy's Peace Run has encouraged millions of people throughout the world to set aside their differences and work together for a common cause of peace and harmony.

The Peace Flame has traveled to 155 countries on seven continents, involving over 7 million people.

The Peace Run is a simple concept with a powerful message. It's a relay race in which runners carry a torch in their hands, with the flame symbolizing hope and peace they spread throughout the journey. The torch is transferred from hand to hand as they travel various lengths and routes till they arrive at their destination. It is more than simply a marathon; it is a celebration of the human spirit and the promise of peace. Local mayors greet runners from small towns to huge cities in a modest yet emotional celebration.

More than 25,000 schools and hundreds of thousands of youngsters have already participated

in an extraordinary experience to inspire young peace dreamers throughout the world. This program series attempts to cultivate kindness among people of all nations. It is not concerned with generating funds or advancing political agendas. Running with the Peace Torch is a life-changing and unique event that inspires hope and dedication to peace both inside and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of individuals, ranging from kids to politicians, were eager to be a part of this event. 

The Torchbearer Award 

The Torchbearer Award is part of the Peace Run. This honor is granted to people who have dedicated their lives towards serving others. Since its introduction, the award has been granted to heads of state, artists, and athletes, as well as numerous members of the community. The Peace Torch was delivered to the European Parliament in 2014, and Carl Lewis, a nine-time Olympic gold medalist and Peace Run spokesman, received the first Torch Carrier Award.

A global peace programme that is truly a testament to the timeless human spirit.

We can all work together to make the planet a better place for ourselves and for the future generations. We all have the ability to make a difference by doing modest acts of kindness and courageous actions.

It is quite simple to join the global peace movement. Anybody can participate in the Peace Run by running with the Torch, volunteering, or otherwise assisting the runners. The Peace Run is not just for runners; communities and individuals from all over the world are asked to engage in greeting runners, organizing local activities, and contributing to the worldwide message of peace and harmony.

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness Peace Run illustrates the power of human relationships and the possibility of positive change. It demonstrates that when we work together for a shared goal, we can overcome our differences and build a better world for everybody.

Each new moment Is a new Golden opportunity

Sri Chinmoy