Throughout history, metal sculptures and other precious metal sculptures have been a way of honouring memories or expressing important messages that can be passed down through generations. We offer some insight into the creation of these magnificent eye-catching metal sculptural works of art, where the meticulous and dedicated craftsmanship of talented artists and metalsmiths give birth to your eternal inspirations.


Following the inspiration

Sri Chinmoy's unparalleled life's work in the service of peace is a great inspiration. His work as an ambassador for peace resonates around the world, making him a symbolic figure of peace. Peace markers bearing his name have been erected in more than 800 places around the world, including dozens of statues. This unique initiative has inspired the installation of similar peace statues in homes around the world. The meticulous sketching work leads us through a multitude of real photographs of him to reveal the most minute details of his facial features.

Discovery Sri Chinmoy legacy
The artist designs the bronze sculpture in charcoal pencil. The picture shows the artist's charcoal hand and sketches of the sculpture drawn on paper. On the table are Faber-Castell pencils and erasers on sheets of paper. The picture gives a very strong artistic impression.
A clay replica of a rare bronze statue called Compassion, depicting Sri Chinmoy, is shown. The sculpture is on a studio table with pieces of material and sculpting props around it. In the background, the windows of the sculptor's studio are slightly blurred. The picture gives a very strong artistic impression.

technique and creation

The art of bronze sculpture

Once the precise sketches have been made, the next stage of the artistic work begins. Using a combination of digital and traditional tools, sculptors work long and meticulously by hand, for months, to bring the sketches to life in detailed forms, which are finally brought to physical life using plasticine and resin. From the finished model, skilled toolmakers create matrix moulds that give life to the wax sculptures that are moulded from the final creation.

wax carving

WAX retouching art

Each bronze sculpture requires a new mould to be made. Thus, as many bronze sculptures as there are bronze sculptures, it is necessary to create as many wax sculptures to create the same shape as the original sculpture for metal casting. The wax carver is a retouching artist or sculptor, recreating every detail in wax for the master metalworkers. It is these details that the goldsmith will refine on the metalwork. This wax statue will form the basis for the creation of a sophisticated mould.

The picture shows a wax copy of a rare bronze sculpture called Compassion, depicting Sri Chinmoy. The wax sculpture is on a table with the mould of the wax sculpture in the background.
The picture shows a casting mould for the bronze sculpture of Sri Chinmoy called Compassion. The wax sculpture is visibly coated with minerals and mounted on an intricate structure.

Mould tool making

Embracing minerals

The refractory bark of wax sculptures is made up of layers of natural minerals, which are prepared in layers over a period of days, inside and outside the wax sculpture. The coating of sufficient thickness is then baked at temperatures between 600 and 800 Celsius and then baked for a day to harden into a hard coating and melt the wax. This crust then forms the basis of a carefully designed mould with inlet and vent holes, which requires great expertise in metal casting. This process is repeated for each bronze sculpture.

treasures of the earth

Marriage of the metals

Alloying is the process of improving the properties of base metals by fusing and mixing them together. Just think of steel or bronze, how much more sophisticated metals they have become compared to iron or copper. Bronze is an extremely durable and long-lasting material that has been used for thousands of years to make sculptures, ornaments and tools. This highly prized alloy is usually made up of 90% copper and other metal alloys depending on the use. The exact alloy components and their quantities are the treasured secrets of metal casters, like the ingredients of a perfect recipe.

The picture shows a master metal caster holding a list of his own special bronze ingredients on a piece of paper. This alloy is used to make the rare bronze sculptures in the Chinmoy Collection. In the background, a fiery furnace can be vaguely seen in a professional workshop
The picture shows a close-up view of molten bronze metal flowing out of a smelting furnace, from which the Sri Chinmoy bronze sculpture Compassion is being cast.

vision in the material

Raw material takes shape

The first step in the processing of metals is melting. This is an extremely dangerous process where, depending on the type of metal, they are melted at temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius in a special graphite crucible. The molten liquid metal is then ready to be poured into a fired refractory shell to ensure its permanent shape. The red-hot metal can take up to a full day to cool to the temperature needed to shed the thick crust that gave it its previous shape. The raw casting is then ready to be sent to the metalworkers.

artistic workmanship

fine detail work

The raw metal castings have already taken shape, but they are far from the final artistic creation. It takes the determined work of metalworkers and thousands of touches with tools to create a recognisable work of art in a dense dance of sparks. The fine work then begins, where master gold and silversmiths carve the artist's vision in resin into the metal, correcting even the smallest details.

In the picture, you can see up close how the silversmith is shaping the folds of the bronze sculpture using his special chiseling tool.
In the photo, you can see up close how the master polisher is polishing the bronze sculpture's cloth to a mirror-bright golden surface using a polishing tool..

Art of decoration

final touches

The "dressing up" of the bronze sculpture begins when the final details of the designer's vision are put into practice. The finished bronze masterpiece then goes to the patina master, who paints his creation onto the glowing metal with a chemistry brush and a scorching flame. This artistic work, which requires great skill and practice, gives the bronze its final look. The master polisher is responsible for the shimmering play of the raw metal. Using a whole assortment of fine textiles and pastes, he polishes the metal over many, many steps until it reaches its mirror-smooth surface.

Accessories and experience

meeting of crafts

We create our special bronze sculptures with the utmost care and expertise. We believe that a work of art of this kind requires special care and atmosphere, which is why we have entrusted the packaging and accessories to the best professionals. The focus in creating the packaging and accessories was on the security of the artwork and creating an exclusive experience. Each box and small accessory is the meticulous handiwork of excellent craftsmen who all pay tribute to the creation of this sculpture.

Part of the luxury packaging of the rare one-off Compassion bronze statue. An extremely elaborate wooden box insert tray with a hand-stitched vegan suede leather blade is shown, which contains a white hand-stitched faux leather ID holder, a metallic gold warranty card and a business card with recessed spaces for them.

experience and message

inspirations wrapped in elegance

The design of the packaging was based on functionality and the safety of the artwork, with an exclusive atmosphere. The materials and solutions chosen are all an integral part of this elegant atmosphere. Each box and detail is the meticulous handiwork of the excellence of different craftsmen, all paying homage to the creation of this sculpture.

exclusive box

Woodworkers' tribute to a statue

We created our boxes with the best in the business. Our exclusive limited-edition wooden boxes, designed to ensure the safe storage of your artwork, boast genuine walnut wood covers and are adorned with beautiful metal hinges and inscriptions. Just as the master carpenters have created a magnificent exterior, so the seamstresses have created the box's interior in exquisite splendour. Trim stitched soft suede-lined linings securely embrace the metal artwork, ready to be placed in the hands of its true owner.

fine textile works

Embraced by soft seams

Soft fine vegan suede up to a delicate touch. This special sophisticated premium material is stitched by the gentle hands of the seamstresses, whether it's creating the interior trim or the dust bag that embraces the sculpture. We have sought to create a contrasting textural experience where the light touch of soft materials is eventually replaced by the cold hard metal that evokes a warm inner sensation.

more than just printing

specialities of printing craftsmen

True art embraces everything, be it materials or messages. We are influenced by artistic sensibilities in the selection and processing of our paper materials. Our printers have used the best quality artist papers to support our heartfelt messages on paper with their special printing techniques that have already artistically touched. Our security papers employ the many arts of technology to ensure that every certificate issued contains our unadulterated commitment to unique creation.

design and aspiration

From Craftmens to the art lover

developments and new ideas

Special ideas on the drawing board

Inspirations give rise to aspirations. And our ambition is to inspire art lovers in so many shapes and forms. We're always working to come up with something new and unique to inspire, refining ourselves and the experience we deliver to perfection. Our drawing board is full of unique sketches and ideas that are just waiting to be manifested.

The picture shows the plans of the bronze sculpture of Sri Chinmoy drawn on paper in various angles. The pencil drawing has markings and handwritten annotations. In addition to the pencil drawings on paper, there is also a Bose headset and a part of an Apple Magic Keyboard.