Timeless inspiration cast in luxury bronze statues

The union of inspiration and sophisticated art. Unique small series of hand-crafted fine artisan bronze statues for lovers of rare and luxurious pieces.


Touch of exclusivity

Sophisticated appearance comes with exclusive elegance. These traditional handcrafted bronze statues are carefully designed, from the selection of materials to the smallest details of implementation.

The goldsmith works on the bronze sculptures at his workbench. On his workbench are sculptures and other unfinished works of art alongside a bronze statue of Sri Chinmoy. Tools are vaguely visible in the background and a handicraft atmosphere prevails.


truly handmade

The masterpieces of dedicated artists and master craftsmen who transfered their skills and knowledge into each statue. All bronze statues are one-of-a-kind, unique creations, born under the hands of artisan craftsmen. The process takes several weeks and needs constant care, concentration and special knowledge.

Discovering the making of bronze statues

work of art

sophisticated specialty

Each of our work of art is as special and unique as the message it represents. Carefully researched and designed using the finest raw materials, each piece is created by the finest artisans with unrivalled attention to detail. These are the fundamentals which make these exclusive bronze statues into sophisticated works of art.

Bronze sculptures at a private art exhibition, where the art curator is holding a bronze sculpture wearing white gloves. In the background, slightly blurred, is the hallway of a castle lobby with large windows.

Living Legacy

Beyond work of art

The statues are not only precious works of art, but symbols of a philosophy which connected the hearts worldwide. They are a tribute to Sri Chinmoy's global peace legacy, reminding us the everlasting importance of world peace and our individual role in creating harmony.

silence speaks

a statue embodies a message

There is a story behind each statute, a silent message which gives us inspiration every day. Sri Chinmoy's philosophy, inspiring inner and outer harmony, is a globally-living legacy. His self-transcendence lifestyle draws in many who seek to advance.



Proceeds from sales will be used to support Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of peace. Sri Chimoy Foundation's funds are used to support free lifestyle lectures, free meditation courses, free peace concerts, free art exhibitions, hospital, school and nursery donation programmes, among others.



We work with suppliers and contractors who have some form of commitment to sustainability. Our bronze alloys and wax models are made using partially recycled formulations, and we continually strive to use renewable energy. We source wood, paper and packaging materials from sustainable sources, and we have also used biodegradable materials. Our finely crafted leather goods are the highest quality synthetic alternatives to animal versions to reduce our ecological footprint. 

every piece is unique

Artisan masterpiece

Each piece is truly handmade and goes through hundreds of iterations by the hands of the artisans before reaching the final state. No two bronze statues are exactly the same. They are masterpieces of craftsmanship based on generations of knowledge and dedicated work. Our handcrafted wooden boxes have also the same exclusivity, in which our bronze statues are packaged.

artistic rarity

numbered collector's items

The Chinmoy Statue & Art bronze statues are a true collector's rarity, as only a few hundred are made worldwide. These uniquely marked and numbered pieces are produced only up to a pre-determined number. Each piece comes with a security-grade certificate and a numbered metal guarantee card.

special quality

valuable timeless design

We know that true craftsmanship starts with excellent materials. Chinmoy bronze statues are characterised by carefully designed details from the raw materials used to the final decal. Through sustainably sourced wood and paper products, each raw material is representative of premium quality. The collaborative work of dozens of design engineers, designers and artisanal hands all fuse into a unique timeless creation in Chinmoy Statue & Art's unique design definition.

spirit in the interior

inspiration that surrounds you

Every sculpture conveys a message, inspiring us to take a step forward. Sri Chinmoy's global initiatives resonates with millions of people around the world - a message of peace and individual self-transcendence. The sculptures are representing this special inspiration in every environment.



The artist sketches the inspiring art sculpture

The art of statue making

Take a look behind the scenes of the world of art, where every etching and brushstroke is a creative dance. Sculpting is a one-of-a-kind tour that uncovers the secret world of talented artisans and the genesis of their stunning works. The art of sculpture is a labor of compassion that demands both time and passion, from the selection of materials to the meticulous sculpting. Join us on this interesting trip to learn about the creativity and workmanship that goes into our pieces of art.

Discover the artistic process

Its time a story of Inspiring art

behind the scenes - our story

In the fast-paced modern world, finding inner peace and purpose can often seem like a distant dream. But there are those who have dedicated their lives to finding inner growth and harmony in the world. The Chinmoy Collection is not just a brand, but the manifestation of a project that aims to inspire people to discover their own potential for inner transformation and thereby contribute to a better world. This is the story of how a team's determination led to the creation of a collection of products that represent much more than mere material goods. Get ready to be inspired by our story.

Discover our story

Inspire yourself and others

" Each new moment Is a new Golden opportunity. "