Chinmoy Collection combines art and storytelling to inspire people and encourage personal development. Each piece conveys a message of inner strength and captures the essence of Sri Chinmoy's peacework. Our unique artworks will captivate your senses and illuminate your space. Discover the transformative power of art that feeds the soul and elevates the spirit.
Pictured is a detail of the handcrafted walnut box for the Chinmoy Collection of luxury limited edition sculptures. The corner of the box is jewelled with a gold plaque embossed with the words Chinmoy Collection. The image shows a very high quality luxury product.


Chinmoy Collection

Our goal at Chinmoy Collection is to give people inspiring and spiritually charged values. Through the design of our products, we bring Sri Chinmoy's enlightening philosophy to life in beautiful creations. These unique products are truly special in message and appearance for those who are seeking for sophisticated inspiration to support personal development and a unique way of expressing their inner values.

Our Story


become an ambassador of peace

Inspired by the art and wisdom of Sri Chinmoy, we at Chinmoy Collection emphasize that perfection is already within, waiting to be expressed. This unique collection stands out from the usual world of quality products. The Chinmoy Collection transcends classic material values or fashion, gifting its owner with the inspiration of personal growth and the ambassadorship of peaceful change in the world.

Pictured is a detail of the part of handcrafted walnut box tray with switched cream microfiber sude the Chinmoy Collection of luxury limited edition sculptures. The corner of the box is jewelled with a gold plaque engraved with the quote from Sri Chinmoy: A oneness-family Is the world's Mightiest family.. The image shows a very high quality luxury product.
Pictured is a detail of the handcrafted walnut box for the Chinmoy Collection of luxury limited edition sculptures. The box is jeweled with gold plate inscribed with Sri Chinmoy's name in his real handwriting. Above the gold inscription, the walnut box is engraved with the inscription desicated, indicating that the product was made in his honor. The picture shows an extremely high quality luxury product.

our Legacy

dedicated to Sri Chinmoy

Our brand is named after Sri Chinmoy, Global Peace Ambassador and peacemaker who has inspired millions in over 150 countries. His work and achievements have been sincerely honoured by many of the world's renowned figures. This reverence and spiritual legacy has given birth to the Chinmoy Collection.

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peace begins with you

The proceeds from the Chinmoy Collection help to fund Sri Chinmoy's inspirational vision. It supports and advances his impactful work for peace, which uplifts us all by merging inner calmness with dynamism to develop personal transformation.

Our impact


Unique know-how

Among our partners you will find excellent manufacturers with hundreds of years of know-how handed down from generation to generation, as well as suppliers and craftsmen of luxury products. With the help of this knowledge excellent craftsmen and manufactures work to put exceptional and inspiring creations in your hands.

The picture shows the metal-casting master in his hands and the secret proportions of the bronze alloy on paper on the workbench in front of him. In the background, the equipment for bronze casting can be seen, slightly blurred, with a melting furnace from which large flames are emerging.
A rare art exhibition shows Compassion - a rare small bronze bust of Sri Chinmoy on a large marble plinth placed on a large white column. A group of art connoisseurs also stand around the statue and watch with great interest, starting some internal process in them. In the background, valuable paintings are displayed, which are slightly dimly visible hanging on the wall.


more than special works of art

The Chinmoy Collection affects art lovers in various ways. The statues are a fusion of innovation and tradition brought to life. They have a profound symbolic meaning in addition to their distinctive appearance. These pieces of art illuminate the area around them with their touch of elegance while speaking inaudibly to the viewer's open senses.

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A shimmering gold polished bronze bust lying on a bed of thick golden copper chips, expressing the fact that the bronze material used is completely recycled.



Our suppliers and contractors are all committed to sustainability in some way. Chinmoy Collection sculptures are made from natural or partially recycled materials that are sustainably obtained. We are always working with our partners to use renewable energy sources and less energy. We exclusively use wood and paper from responsibly managed forests, and our aim is to use as little plastic as possible and choose recyclable materials instead.

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