Our goal is to guide you with the knowledge and skills required to genuinely appreciate and care for your favorite items. Join us as we take you behind the scenes to reveal the tips and tricks of our hardworking team so you can develop a deeper appreciation and connection to how its made.

inspiration from heritage

Source as motivation

We combine an unrivalled and enlightening intellectual legacy with the special expertise of the best artisan craftsmen. This special fusion of Sri Chinmoy's pure spiritual wisdom and artwork into an artistic form results in uniquely motivating creations.

Discover our legacy
How its made Jharna Kala Painting? Sri Chinmoy paintings with sponge.
In the picture you can see how the bronze sculpture is made, using the sculptor's wood tool.


The artisanal artists

Our artisans have centuries of knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, to create unique works of art. In these artisanal workshops, some pieces of art are worked on for weeks or even months, and then given their final artistic form through long and complex traditional processes, after thousands of touches.

how its made timeless metals

The art of metalworking

Making a real craft takes a lot of time and skill. The lost wax casting process, a traditional technique used by our master sculptors for thousands of years, is a traditional technique for making metal sculptures. Each stage in the process of making metal sculpture is a separate craft, where individual skills are ultimately fused into a single work of art.

Discover how its made bronze sculptures
How its made bronze sculpture? Now you can see up close how the silversmith works on the details of the bronze sculpture using his tool.

works of art

From artist to art collector