Heritage is not just a set of material goods. It is not just words on paper or works of art painted on canvas.

What Sri Chinmoy has left the world is much more than that. What he has bequeathed to humanity is a thousand forms of example and inspiration on how we can strive to become better citizens of the world, for a peaceful better world. And that change starts with us.

The entire Chinmoy Collection story began with a series of small but meaningful personal stories. This dedicated group of people are just a few of the millions who have been touched by Sri Chinmoy's philosophy and cause of making the world a better place. The Chinmoy Collection team has chosen to offer their knowledge and experience to find a common voice with open-hearted people around the world who can be inspired in so many ways in so many walks of life.

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The legacy continues

Sri Chinmoy's world-changing message inspired the Chinmoy Collection. His team's goal is to create something beyond what we currently call art. They create works that delight the eye and touch the heart, and their deep philosophy and spirit speak to the soul.

About the Chinmoy Collection


looking outside yourself

If we take a look at human life, we see so many individual designs. In fulfilling the items on an endless list of desires, we can often feel strangely misdirected. Even when living a life that is said to be successful, achieving dreams and goals, one can still feel that something is still needed. Something is still missing. Not material success, but something else. The urgency of fulfilling the wish list naturally distracts from the unknown feeling of lack and one cannot articulate exactly what it is that one is lacking, but deep down one feels that this something is not on the list. We can count ourselves lucky when the moment of realisation comes and we realise that what we are looking for is the source of our true inner strength, the infinite peace within us. This is when our adventure of self-discovery began, and our unique experiences motivated us to inspire others.


the beginnings

It was a special moment when Sri Chinmoy spoke to a determined heart and a new inspiration began. It was then that a strong inner urge arose, which took shape as a true team effort in a project, and eventually DOWP Project was born, and as part of it, Chinmoy Collection | Chinmoy Statue & Art. The result is a unique work of art that symbolises the powerful aspiration and compassion that comes from being human. But the work continues..

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Inspiration for all of us

More than 900 Sri Chinmoy Peace Markers have been erected around the world, including several statues. These dedicated places remind humanity of the importance of peace and provide motivation to explore our individual potential and help us to deepen our inner reflection. Why shouldn't every discerning art lover in the world own their own Peace marker in their own environment? Why not have a special reminder close to us at all times, inspiring strength and supporting us to discover our inner power. This is the motivation that has prompted us to work with the best artisans to create genuine works of art that can bring an immortal symbol of peace and strength into any home.

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Motivation for personal development

Our creations are not just sophisticated works of art. These special pieces are all inspirational tools for unleashing our inner potential. If we have no inspiration, we have no aspiration. Whatever our vocation, hobby or passion, we always need an energetic source of inspiration to become better people in our field. The time for our peaceful everyday life will only come with individual progress, and for that progress we need a small reminder of our purpose or a source of positive energy. Our offering is to create products that bring real value and joy to people, creations that remind them that perfection is already within them, they just need to bring it to the forefront.

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DOWP - Door openers to World Peace

People often shut themselves up within the walls of their own world. DOWP | Door Openers to World Peace is a project to rediscover our true selves, finding common ground with people across subcultures and social strata in an individual way. We are all different and live different lives but we are all dreamers of world peace. This project has also given birth to the Chinmoy Collection, where we translate deeper inner meaning into art.

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